Lawn mowers are a major part of our business!

Consequently, Kyle’s Small Engine Repair & Equipment Sales  carries ONLY these well known and top quality lines of lawn mowers.  Stop by and take a test drive!

Country Clipper Lawn Mowers

Easy-to-Use Joystick Control for Lawn Mowers

As a result, Country Clipper Zero-Turn Mowers turn on a dime.  A 360 degree turning radius allows for quicker and more precise turns.  With a Country Clipper lawn mower you can cut your mowing time in half, compared with traditional lawn mowers.

Country Clipper Lawn Mowers

Therefore, you can get a great zero turn lawn mower, widely know for the joystick operation, check out the website… Click Here

Hustler Turf Lawn Mowers and Equipment

Consequently, the First Zero Turn Lawn Mowers…..

Hustler® Turf Equipment was born of a simple need for riding lawn mowers that could maneuver an irregular landscape.  Including areas of the family home or farmsite, complete with bird baths, gardens and winding front walkways. The first Hustler® mower was a compilation of mower parts and farm machinery, created by a genius named John Regier. Mr. Regier’s mower cut grass and steered like no other. It could hug a flagpole or reverse directions at a fence line, with a turning radius of zero. With this, the world’s first zero-turn mower was born. AND IT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Hustler Lawn Mowers

Ultimately known for their quality and workmanship, check out the Hustler Turf website…Click Here

Sheffield Financial Services As a matter of fact, Sheffield Financial offers great financing packages on the purchase of new Country Clipper and Hustler products!

As a matter of fact, Sheffield Financial provides powerful financing for powerful equipment. Since 1992, they have financed over $15 billion in consumer and commercial retail loans. Offering a variety of financing products, Sheffield Financial has friendly and timely service.  In fact, Sheffield is know for the quickest credit decisions which are unmatched in the industry.

Additionally, Kyle’s Small Engine Repair & Equipment Sales has a rotating stock of USED MOWERS and other used equipment available – call for a current stock list!